htw. is where you will find the innovators, entrepreneurs, founders, investors and leaders who are creating the future. Put simply, htw. is where they converge to explore how technology is impacting many traditional industries and making positive change in our world. 

htw. is Where The Future Meets!

If you or brand want to be involved, apply TODAY and we can discuss how we activate your brand.

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htw. is where the leading names in entertainment, sports, arts, social impact and investing come to find out how technology is shaping our future. Partnering with htw. is a unique opportunity to get your brand in front of our community.



By partnering with htw. your brand will be in front of an exclusive audience of leaders from across the tech, entertainment, finance and sports industries.

  1. Exclusive Networking Opportunities with Decision-Makers
  2. Accelerated Market Entry and Industry Presence
  3. Targeted Customer Engagement and Lead Generation
  4. Enhanced Thought Leadership Positioning
  5. Early Access to Emerging Technologies and Trends
  6. Development of Strategic Alliances within the Tech Ecosystem
  7. Showcasing Products through Live Demonstrations
  8. In-depth Market Research and Feedback Gathering
  9. Access to Investment and Funding Opportunities
  10. Exclusive Press and Media Exposure



exhibitor opportunities

Showcase your brand in front of our engaged audiences with a unique space at one of our events.


More than just logo stamping, we work with our sponsors to curate purposeful events that deliver value for all stakeholders.


We work with brands to create unique branded activations that deliver real value for partners and leave lasting impressions with our audience.

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