Amber Renée Waddy

Amber Renée Waddy

Naked Eye Image

Amber Renée Waddy is no ordinary entrepreneur. A design prodigy, her creations—from celebrity-acclaimed custom invitations to corporate masterpieces—aren't just visually stunning; they're transformative. (Imagine invites that could dazzle even Gatsby.)

At the helm of Naked Eye Image, BLUORCHID, and Naked Blu Design Studio, Amber crafts not just aesthetics but memorable experiences, infusing every project with the same meticulous attention and personal connection that bring her clients' visions to reality.

Beyond the studio, Amber's vision for a better world takes shape in her ventures like Fanqool, a stationery line fostering mental and financial health, and Selfless Share, a non-profit linking anonymous benefactors with vital causes.

Amber Renée Waddy exemplifies how creativity intertwined with generosity can indeed change the world, one beautiful design and one act of kindness at a time.