Fred Sharp
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Fred Sharp


As the Global Chief of Staff for SAP’s Intelligent Spend & Business Network division, Fred is
a dynamic leader who is pivotal in driving strategic initiatives, fostering operational
excellence, and supporting the executive leadership team. With a proven track record of
orchestrating cross-functional efforts and optimizing organizational processes, Fred brings
a wealth of experience to their role. With a deep understanding of SAP's mission and vision, Fred collaborates closely with the ISBN CRO and other senior leaders to shape the division’s direction and ensure alignment
across various departments. As the division now spans 60 countries, Fred has leveraged his
time as a Sr. Account Executive to ensure that the division remains committed to serving
customers and is at the forefront of innovating, both inside of SAP and out.
Before assuming the role of Chief of Staff, Fred was a Sr. Account Executive while also
holding a key leadership position on the SAP Emerging Talent Advisory Board, where he
demonstrated a remarkable ability to bridge the gap between past and future SAP. Fred’s
experience in business operations, sales, and go-to-market, enabled him to own
transformational initiatives that have propelled ISBN’s success.Before SAP & Ariba, Fred worked in various leadership and management roles within sales
and business operations. Fred graduated from Bowling Green State University with
undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration. He resides in Detroit,
Michigan, with his wife, Mara, and two children, Leila and Milo.