Yale Fishman

Yale Fishman

Yale Fishman is the Founder of the Fishman Family Office. The Fishman Family Office focuses on
private equity, venture capital, traditional equities, real estate, & digital assets, with a lens toward
impact-driven investments and sustainability. The Fishman Family Office, invests, co-invests, and
partners on select investment opportunities with other growth-focused Family Offices and
Investment Funds.

Mr. Fishman has over 30 years of experience leading and advising funds, institutions, & high-net-
worth investors on tax-advantaged investment structures and sophisticated estate & income tax

vehicles. CEOs and Fortune 500 executives from the nation’s most prestigious firms seek his expertise
in structuring their business tax strategies, and he has counseled clients on Billion dollars
Additionally, Fishman founded Hamptons Luxury Estates, where he has developed exclusive and
unique high-end properties on the East Coast of the USA, that have been featured in the Wall Street
Journal & Other Major Networks. Fishman has regularly hosted the 1640 Society, which brings

together many global leaders in finance, business, and philanthropy. Fishman serves as Vice-
Chairman of the Advisory Committee at Prosperity Fund, a boutique private equity and venture

capital fund.